Havana Cola & Havana Mojito are delicious straight from the bottle or on the rocks, and makes great mixes from other drinks and
cocktails. Mix it up and have some real fun!


A Cubanita is a dark, spicy
and sweet drink like the women
of the island


10 oz of havana Cola ®
1.5 oz of dark spicy rum
Brown sugar
Lime juice


Pour lime juice on small plate. Spread brown sugar on a separate plate. Place rim of glass on the plate with the lime (the same way you would with a margarita) Then place the rim of glass on the plate with brown sugar. Pour rum over ice. Pour havana cola® on the side of glass. Garnish with a cherry.


Be sure to light your
candle so that the spirits
may protect you, and good
fortunes may come your way.


1.5 oz Zambuca
10 oz Havana Cola®


Add a short of Zambuca to a glass and set it on the fire. Then add 1.5 oz of Zambuca and 10 oz of Havana Cola® over ice. Float a sugar cube soaked with Zambuca on top of your drink. Set it on fire so that good fortunes may come your way.


Teddy's Tonic

Before climbing the hill
with the Rough Riders,
think of Teddy, and what
Teddy would have done.
Charge ahead!!


2 oz of Irish cream
10 oz of Havana Cola®


Fill Glass with ice cubes. Add shot of irish cream, fill the rest with Havana Cola®. Mix gently so it will foam.

Night Time Fisherman

While trolling during a
hot tropical nights, the
pescador (fisherman)
always made sure he got
his catch. This is the
pescadores favorite lure.


10 oz of Havana Mojito®
1 oz light rum
.5 oz of gin
1 oz of grenadine
Key lime


Fill glass with ice. Pour rum and gin over ice. Squeeze lime wedge over ice. Pour Havana Mojito® on side of glass. Splash on the grenadine. Garnish with lime, rasberries and mint.

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